5 Reasons to Rent in Marylebone

If you are thinking of moving to London or changing where you live in the city, then you might well be doing your research into which areas are the best to rent a property. Quite often, this decision is all down to personal preference. For instance, you would need to think about whether you would prefer to live closer to the action or on the outskirts, whether you want to rent a larger property or if you are prepared to pay for a smaller property closer to the city centre. You might also need to weigh up the distance between an area and where you work, to assess if the commute is viable. We’ll take a look at why Marylebone is a great place to live to help you make up your mind.

1. The best of both worlds

Marylebone is a great location because it’s just a stone’s throw away from the centre of the city and all the hustle and bustle that comes along with that. Yet, the area itself doesn’t feel like it is in the city centre. There is almost a quaint feeling to it. The streets are lined with trees, there are independent cafes and historical architecture, it’s a real retreat in the heart of the city.

2. Celebrities

Marylebone is seen as a bit of a celebrity hotspot. It’s an area that has style and this seems to really draw the rich and famous in. If you decide to look for flats to rent in Marylebone, you can expect to be hobnobbing with the influencers of our time (Marylebone Properties).

3. Regent’s Park

It is just a short walk to Regents Park from Marylebone. This park is perfect for sports enthusiasts as it boasts London’s largest outdoor sports area. If you have children, the four play areas will also help you keep your sanity on those days when the little darlings seem to have boundless amounts of energy. Regents Park is one of the biggest parks in the capital and living close to it can be fantastic for your physical and mental well-being.

4. History

There is so much history in Marylebone. Charles Dickens, for instance, used to live here and the origins of the area can be traced right back to the Norman conquests. If you like interesting historical facts or finding out about the history that is around you, Marylebone will keep you occupied for years.

5. Summer Fayre

Every year there is a Summer Fayre in Marylebone. It’s been running for approximately ten years now and it just keeps growing in popularity. If you imagine a traditional English summer fayre, then you will pretty understand what this event is. Think music, food, drink, dancing, craft stalls and farmers markets. The area is extremely family-friendly as the summer fayre demonstrates. There is a real neighbourhood feel to the whole place helping to build a strong and cohesive community. If you like to feel that you belong somewhere, then Marylebone might well be the place for you.

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