6 Important Tips to Make Your House Stand Out to Buyers

Considering how competitive the housing market can be, it’s crucial to do everything to make your house stand out from the pack. Especially if you’re planning on selling soon, follow these seven tips to make your house stand out to buyers and attract prospective buyers interested in making an offer on your home sooner rather than later. Here are seven ways to make your house stand out to buyers!

1.   Clean Your Home Inside Out

Some say that curb appeal is worth 10% when you’re selling your home, and a buyer might pass on your house if it isn’t clean and in order. A dirty place sends a message that you don’t care about your home or keeping it in good condition, which turns off buyers immediately. It would help to give potential buyers a reason to get through your front door—and once they do, make sure they see a well-kept place. Cleaning your home from top to bottom can be enough to convince them that you take pride in what you own and help you sell your home fast.

After all, if you wouldn’t buy it yourself, why would someone else? Clean every inch of your floors (even behind furniture), wash windows inside and out, dust baseboards, dust fans, light fixtures, sweep under beds and dressers—basically anything that could collect dust. Don’t forget the bathrooms! That simple shower scrub will go a long way toward making your bathroom look clean and fresh and may impress even those most resistant to being impressed by cleaning.

2.   Make the Most of Your Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is one of those terms that’s more marketing than science, but it doesn’t mean you can ignore it. If curb appeal attracts buyers strongly enough, they’ll stop in front of your house, snap a photo and send it along with their offer. And if that happens, you could get a bid over your asking price. Curb appeal is a significant factor when selling your home. It is the first thing that buyers see, and it sets the tone for the rest of their tour.

Ensure your driveway, walkways, window shutters, and front door are clean and good condition. Trim bushes, trees, and shrubs in the front yard to look neat. If you have any issues with the outside of your home, consider getting it fixed before listing your property on the market. In most cases, you will be able to make some relatively low-cost repairs that will make a massive difference to a potential buyer.

3.   Price Your Youse Right

Yes, you will probably end up with less money than you would if you priced your home higher. But selling for a higher price means taking longer to sell, which costs you more in the long run. It’s better to get a quick sale at the right price than to take months or years and end up with less because of holding costs.

There’s no magic formula for pricing a home, but plenty of tools help sellers understand what the market will bear. Sites like Zillow offer free estimates for what your home might be worth; these estimates may not be perfectly accurate, but they should give you an idea of the pricing of other homes in your area.

4.   Make it Bright

Let in as much natural light as possible by opening blinds and curtains during showings. If necessary, replace burned-out light bulbs with higher-wattage ones, and consider installing extra fixtures if rooms seem too dark — some homes only have one overhead light per room.

Painting with the right colors could also help add brightness. Light colors like white paint are cheap and make your house hides flaws better than anything else. Takedown dark curtains, paint with soft colors, and your home will feel full of life rather than just a space to live in.

5.   Make it Fancy With The Lighting Fixtures

Light plays a vital role in how we perceive our surroundings. A dark room can make a home feel cold and uninviting. On the other hand, a bright room will make it feel warm and welcoming. The proper lighting can create an inviting atmosphere for potential buyers to feel comfortable walking through your house without feeling like they are intruding on someone else’s home or private space!

A dark room comes across as small, sad, and uninviting. Bright rooms feel airy, fresh, and welcoming. Ask an electrician or contractor if you need help brightening your interiors with fixtures or new windows. It’s worth investing some money so that buyers get a great first impression of your home!

6.   Mow the Lawn Regularly and Take Photos

A well-trimmed lawn is like a perfect handshake — it makes an excellent first impression that can set you apart from the competition. If you have trouble keeping up with lawn maintenance during spring, summer, or fall, hire someone to do it for you while your home is on the market. Great photos will speak words you cannot find and may help you stand out from your competitors. Taking pictures at the right time of the day when there’s enough brightness could make all the difference.


When it comes to making your house more sellable, you’ve to make it attractive. Making it look pretty and welcoming will go a long way to attracting buyer attention. The goal should be to make them look like they want to own it rather than just looking around. You want buyers to fall in love with the house, not just those neutral colors. The pictures are why people buy homes they’ve never seen across the country. Try different lighting options using your phone, camera, or a cheap light tent and see what happens. The cheapest and easiest way to do this is with natural light. Give prospective buyers a great reason to buy your house with these simple steps!

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