7 Essential Supplies For A Successful Move

When it comes to the act of moving, no one really enjoys it or looks forward to the time and energy it takes to pack up and relocate to another home. Sometimes there is just no getting around it and the only thing to do is to get organized and get to it. The most important thing in making your move successful is being proactive and planning ahead and making sure you are more than ready when the big day finally arrives and the moving van is parked outside.

Even if you are hiring a moving company to help you pack your belongings there are steps you should take to make the move much easier and even a bit of an enjoyable experience. Professional movers can come to your home and do most of it for you, both packing up and moving your household items. Just remember relocating to a new home can be an exciting and fun time but having the right supplies definitely helps. Here are a few items to pick up.

  1. A Notebook

To be honest this might sound a bit old fashioned but a good paper notebook will always come in handy in a move. Of course you can use your phone but if you go out and purchase a notebook instead you will find it to be an essential part of your move. Create a to-do list, a supply list and a schedule. Keep any receipts tucked inside it and all the phone numbers you need. Jot down any notes or reminders when needed and keep it close throughout the move.

  1. Packing Tape

You will not get too far into the packing of your house without some trusty and very necessary packing tape. This is not your regular, thin household tape and masking tape will not do. Head to your local hardware or home store and pick up a few rolls as you will go through them quickly. Do not forget to buy the packing tape dispenser as well. Though it may not seem worth the extra cost it makes using the tape much more convenient than something like scissors.

  1. Proper Moving Boxes

While it may be tempting to hit up all the stores in your area collecting used boxes along the way this may not be the best idea in the long run. It may feel like you are saving yourself money but it may cost you more than if you go to a moving company and purchase boxes from them. The boxes they sell are designed specifically for packing up a home. Be sure to choose sizes that are not too large or too small. You want them to be easy for the movers to pack, carry and stack.

  1. Newspaper or Packing Paper

Packing paper or newspaper is necessary when you are moving because you need it to wrap your fragile items in before you box them. Newspaper works perfectly fine if you want to cut down on expenses but just be sure to start collecting it in the weeks or months prior. If access to newspaper is a bit limited it may be worth the extra cost of buying packing paper. Be sure to get something though or you may find your plates, glasses and other fragile knick-knacks broken.

  1. Moving Blankets

In order to protect furniture and keep items from rubbing against each other causing damage be sure to have some moving blankets handy. You can either use your household blankets or get them from the moving company. If you plan on hiring professional movers they will have their own but your own can still be used to wrap up your bed mattresses.

  1. Permanent Black Markers

Though this may seem like a silly suggestion labelling your boxes well is essential to a smooth move and permanent black markers are perfect for the job. Make sure you write what is in each box and what room it belongs to in the new place. This will create a much easier unpacking job for you on the other end.

  1. Cleaning Supplies

Make sure to go through what you have for cleaning. This way you will know if you need any more supplies so you can get the house ready for the next owners or tenants. There are products to erase marks from walls, scrub the bathtub and shower, and get the oven nice and clean. Be proactive and purchase them before you need to use them.

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