A Comprehensive Guide to Pool Fencing

If you are going to install a swimming pool in your property, safety is always a prime concern, and whether you live in Brisbane or Adelaide, the state requires that your pool fencing complies with their guidelines. Obtaining pool certification is an easy process, you simply search online for a specialist pool certification company and they would be happy to inspect and certify that your pool fencing complies.

The Many Benefits of Glass

If you take a look at pool fencing in Adelaide, for example, you will notice that the vast majority of homeowners have chosen glass, and for a very good reason – glass allows you to see the inside of the pool area -which is a much safer environment.

Other Benefits: 

  • Glass is easy to keep clean
  • Glass is maintenance free
  • Toughened safety glass as standard
  • Glass does not erode

You have a wide range of design options with glass pool fencing, with frosted and coloured options, allowing you to be creative.

Frameless Pool Fencing

This is by far the most popular type of glass pool fencing, as it offers a seamless look, and with several fixing methods, the designer would help you to decide which is most suitable for your property.

  • Channel Fixing – A deep groove is cut into the floor, which is a perfect fit for the 12mm heat-treated glass panels, which are seamlessly placed in a line, with the gate just where it should be.
  • Spigot Fixing – Spigots can be fitted; with a choice of powder-coated aluminium, stainless-steel or mirrored chrome, they blend in nicely with the glass surfaces.

Semi-Frameless Pool Fencing

You can have slim aluminium posts that sit between the glass panels, which have pre-formed grooves that allows the glass panels to slide into place, plus you have a range of shapes, with round, square or rectangular posts, plus the panels are fixed to ground spigots. If, for example, a section of the pool fencing must traverse your lawn, then concrete post bases would be installed, providing solid support, and this would be integrated into the lawn, with no visible sign of concrete.

Care & Maintenance

The great thing about glass pool fencing is it requires zero maintenance and it will not corrode. A wipe with a cloth and some glass cleaner is all it takes to remove finger and handprints, plus the rubber seals are marine grade and will withstand anything the Australian climate can produce.

Pool Fencing Compliance

Every pool must be inspected and certified by the state, and the requirements would be listed on the state website, simply search for ‘pool fencing compliance’ and you would find the information. The company that installs your pool fencing would be more than aware of the state guidelines, therefore they will make sure that there are no gaps over 100mm and that the pool fencing is secure and of the correct height. Other aspects include objects that are located close to the pool fencing, and there must be no objects that could be used by a child to climb over the fencing. This might include trees, furniture or other immoveable objects.

For the best glass pool fencing, search online for a specialist glazier and you won’t be disappointed.

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