Choosing The Best Material For The Front Door Of Your Home

When you are looking to replace the front door of your home, there are various materials that you can choose for your door. Each material has its pros and cons, and you will need to decide which materials to use carefully. However, you can make an excellent first impression when people come to your home by having a striking front door. Below are some of the options you have available to help you select the best material for your front door, making a statement and increasing the curb appeal of your home.

An Aluminium Front Door

Aluminium doors are not as popular as other materials, but they may be an excellent choice for your home. Aluminium is a strong material that will not warp or change shape, and it is a hard-wearing material. An aluminium door requires little maintenance other than a quick clean now and then, and they need no treatments after you install them. They are high—quality doors that will last for a long time, and they are also available in a wide variety of colours from which you can choose. They are more expensive than other types of doors, but when looking for an aluminium front door, Oxfordshire has many reputable companies that can supply and install this for you.

A uPVC Front Door

One of the most common materials for modern front doors is uPVC, which is often the cheapest option you can buy. However, uPVC doors are prone to warping and changing shape, and the colour will also fade when exposed to the elements. They are relatively low maintenance, but they do not age as good as other materials used for front doors. In addition, they are often only available in white, so there are not a lot of choices available to help your door stand out from those of your neighbours.

A Wooden Front Door

Another popular choice for the front door of homes is a wooden one, and you can paint these a rainbow of different colours. However, wooden doors will require maintenance, and you will need to paint them every few years when the colour fades and ensure the wood is weathertight. Wood can warp and change shape with heat and moisture, letting in draughts, but they are sturdy and durable. The cost of a wooden door can vary, but they are comparable in price to aluminium doors when you purchase a quality one.

A Composite Door

You can also select a front door made from composite materials for your home, and these are relatively low maintenance. However, the cheaper ones are similar in strength to uPVC doors, and they are available in various colours and wood effects. However, the door frame will often be made from uPVC, which means it can warp and change shape and let draughts into your home. They are relatively solid doors, and the price can be like aluminium ones, but they are not as strong.

These are the main options you have available when looking to buy a new front door for your home. You can get more detailed information on the different materials to help you select the best one for you by clicking here.

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