Every Bathroom Needs A Shower Head Water Filter

 The skin is the largest organ in the body. We take steps each day to protect and improve it by eating the right combination of vitamins, drinking enough fluids, and covering it with expensive products recommended by top magazines. Have you ever thought about how important the water we use to wash our hair and skin is?

Your shower water could contain harmful chemicals that you wouldn’t want to include in your daily life. The daily shower that you consider a part of your daily routine could be causing you serious health problems.

Unfiltered water can have adverse effects on your health. You are exposing yourself to dangerous elements every time you shower if you don’t use a water filter.

What Are The Health Effects of Chemicals?

It is always best not to be exposed to chemicals that could potentially cause harm, such as those found in your shower water. Let’s take for example chlorine.

At room temperature, chlorine is still a gaseous form. However, it can be pressured to become a liquid. You may think chlorine is safe. It is used in bleach and for water treatment.

Chlorine can be toxic if inhaled or inhaled in small quantities. It can cause damage to internal tissues and create harmful acids once it is inhaled.

Drinking water is the most common form of chlorine exposure. Showers and baths are other sources of chlorine exposure. Our bodies absorb the chlorine vaporized faster than we do through drinking. Showering can lead to more chlorine in your body than drinking unfiltered tap water.

What Should I Do About Chlorine In My Showers?

       1. Potential health risks from absorption of toxic chemicals.

       2. Dry hair and skin (alongside buildup).

Harmful chemicals could have negative effects on your health

Unfiltered water can contain chemicals such as chlorine that could pose a risk to your health and that of your family. Inhaling chlorine can lead to respiratory problems like asthma and bronchitis. There are scientific connections between chlorine and bladder, kidney and rectal cancer. Trihalomethanes are created when chlorine is mixed with other chemicals. One example of this is chloroform. This THM is not only used by film villains. It’s also known for its dangerous properties.

How Chemicals Affect Your Skin And Hair

A shower filter is not necessary if you have health concerns.

Are you frustrated that you continue to buy product after product for your skin problems? It could be that your skin isn’t the problem, but the water it is exposed to.

You risk exposing your skin and skin to chemicals in your shower water. This will make your skin more sensitive to the products you have chosen. You could end up spending more money on top-of-the-line products than you need if you don’t have enough mineral content in your water.

Hair can become dry from residues left behind by chemicals and contaminants. Dry hair can lead to irreparable damage and even breakage, as any person who has ever suffered from it will attest.

Where Can I Find My New Shower Filter?

You can choose a showerhead water filter for your home to remove these contaminants. This will leave you with less hair damage and more peace of mind knowing that you’re not exposing yourself to serious health risks.

Filtered water is safe and can help you to restore your health and well-being. Our shower filters are available in a variety of shapes and prices to suit your needs.

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