Few Common Signs of Gas Leak Signs That You Can’t Ignore

Do you use natural gas at home in Houston? Nowadays, in many homes natural gas is used. Though it is one of the cleanest fossil fuels available in the market, still it poses certain dangers if any gas leak is present.

You must know about few common signs of gas leak Houston which you must try to avoid and find right solution today.

  • Grass and shrubs suddenly turn brown

If you have plants in your yard then check if the shrubs and the grass of the lawn is suddenly turning into brown or rusty. If it is so then it could be a sign of gas leak.

When gas leaks out from the pipes, then all the carbon monoxide will replace the oxygen which is needed by the grass in order to survive.

  • Smell of rotten eggs

Usually, the smell of a natural gas is quite similar to smell of rotten eggs and also smells like sulfur. Though natural gas is supposed to be odorless.

Usually, mercaptan will be added to the natural gas and hence people can easily be able to detect gas leak and it will create smell similar to rotten egg. Also, you may hear hissing sound if you pay attention.

  • Dead houseplants

Similar to the effects of gas on the shrubs, you can also notice dead houseplants which is also a sign of gas leak.

In case, you notice that suddenly all your houseplants have turned brown and dying, then surely you may have gas leak at home and due to lack of oxygen it is affecting the plants.

  • Yellow or orange flames

While using gas appliances, you must always notice the color of your flames. In normal case, the color of flames must be blue. In case, you notice any yellow or orange hue in the flames, then your appliance must be leaking gas.

  • Physical symptoms

In case, you are really exposed to gas any poisoning, then you will experience few physical symptoms. Carbon monoxide will build up in the body and replace your oxygen.

Due to lack of oxygen following can cause:

  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue
  • Headache
  • Nausea

If you are experiencing any such symptoms, you must believe that it is due to only gas leak and you must immediately leave your home and immediately call helpline or your gas company in Houston.

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