Finding A Suitable Place To Stay In Bangkok For A Few Months

Bangkok is a fascinating city that seems to have everything, and if you want to explore everything the city has to offer, it will take you some time. Therefore, if you wish to visit Bangkok and explore the Land of Smiles, you may want to consider a short-term rental and stay in an apartment rather than a hotel, which will be much cheaper. Below are some tips to help you find the best short-term rental for you when you visit Bangkok that you can use as a base while exploring everything else the country offers to visitors.

How Long Do You Want To Rent A Condo?

When you look at all the condos for rent in Bangkok, many of them will state either six or twelve-month rentals, but you can get shorter term rentals if you look hard enough. You may also be able to convince a condo owner to rent their property to you for three months if you are lucky, but it is vital to keep in mind that the shorter the term, the higher the monthly rent. Try setting your monthly budget before looking at properties, and it will help your search finding the perfect place to stay.

Where In The City Do You Want To Stay?

With Bangkok being such a vast city, you are also going to have to consider where it is you want to stay. Whether you want a one-bedroom serviced apartment short term rental, or you are happy in a studio, there are plenty of options available in all areas of the city. If you do not have transport, you will want something close to the transport links, such as the BTS and MRT, which will increase the cost. You will also find landlords are often more flexible when you look to stay in an area popular with tourists, so you may be able to negotiate a shorter-term rental.

Be Flexible With Your Requirements

To help you find the perfect place to rent for a few months, you will need to be flexible with your requirements. Whether it is the area of the city you stay in, the size of the unit you rent, or how much you spend on rent each month. The more flexible you are, the easier it will be to find something suitable and make your search easier. With a bit of research and browsing the internet, you can find your perfect accommodation to act as your base and explore Thailand till your heart is content.

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