How to Prevent & Treat Water Leaks

Leaky pipes in your bathroom or kitchen can cause serious problems. Water collecting under your sink could lead to a host of issues that can make your home and water unsafe.

Leaks can be distressing, but if you take these steps to prevent and treat them, you can reduce their severity.

The Dangers and Risks of Leaks

Before you can learn how to stop and treat water leaks you must first understand their danger.

Mold and mildew can grow from leaks, which can pose a serious problem. Mold and mildew thrive in damp areas and can cause allergies, skin irritations, throat inflammation, and nose swelling.

Leakages from the roof or plumbing can cause serious structural damage to the walls, ceiling joists, rafters, and wall framing. These damage can lead to costly repairs that must be done while the damage is minor and salvageable.

Water leaks can also be a fire hazard. Water leaks that are close to electrical wiring can lead to short circuits and shorted wires. This can cause severe damage and electrical fires.

Let’s say that your household has water coming from a pipe that is broken. Your drinking water may be at risk if the pressure suddenly changes or drops, allowing contaminants to enter.

Repairing damaged pipes

If your pipes leak but there aren’t any cracks or corrosion, the problem could be due to worn watertight seals.

This problem can be fixed by unscrewing your pipes and applying plumbers’ tape around the threads. If the leaks persist after applying the tape, contact a professional for an examination and solution.

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