Renting Vs Owning: Property Options

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that owning your home is more beneficial than renting it, yet there are many reasons why now is not the time to buy property, especially through the eyes of the first-time buyer. The first house you buy involves a lot of expense, then there’s the question of the deposit, which is often the major stumbling block for the first-time buyer, and all of these reasons prevent young working people from taking that all-important step to buying a home.

First-Time Buyer Packages

There are some great packages for first-time buyers, check out this single-storey house project in Chonburi (called โครงการ บ้าน เดี่ยว ชั้น เดียว ชลบุรี in Thai) where you can view ready for occupation quality homes and there’s nothing to pay for 3 years! That might sound too good to be true, yet the state of the real estate market is a reflection of the number of properties sitting empty, and developers will move mountains to assist the first-time buyer.

Creating Wealth

This is something we all have to think about and the moment you make a land and house purchase, you are generating self-wealth. As the value of your asset grows, so will your equity and with house prices set to surge, there’s still time to find a completed housing project and for only 5,000 baht, you can set the ball rolling to generating wealth for a secure retirement.

Rented Accommodation

Of course, for many people, rented accommodation is preferred; this could be for a number of reasons,

  • Unsure of where you want to live.
  • Working on a temporary assignment.
  • Just started working on a low wage.
  • Still studying.

The only other reason to rent is that you can’t afford to buy; the latest offers from property developers take away the financial restrictions to becoming a homeowner. There is absolutely nothing to pay for 36 months and you can’t get any better than that, while this kind of deal will not be available for long, especially with the vaccine already being rolled out.

If you are ready for a house purchase, it only costs a 5,000 baht down payment to set the ball rolling and with super low prices of ready to occupy homes, you can become a homeowner and have nothing to pay for a whole 3 years!

Start searching online for housing developments that have this amazing offer and you certainly won’t regret your decision to get on the property ladder when you did.

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