Swimming Pool Renovations in Winter

As we move into our Australian winter, this is the perfect time for pool renovation and if your pool is a few years old and aside from cleaning, it is in the original state, this might be time to have the pool renovated. Much like the exterior of your home, the pool is at the mercy of the elements and it doesn’t take long for signs of weathering to become apparent.

Concrete Pools

Is the plaster finish of your pool starting to flake? If so, you can find a provider of concrete pool resurfacing in Perth and ask them to quote for the project. They use state-of-the-art pool plaster that stands the test of time and is rendered by skilled plasterers, the finish is excellent. If you ask a contractor to pay you a visit, he can survey the pool and explain your options.

Fibreglass Pools

Epoxy coatings are designed specifically for pools, with a range of shades, you can resurface your pool by having a team of pool renovators on the job. It takes about 7 days for the epoxy paint to fully dry, leaving a durable and smooth finish that should last 7-8 years.

Replace Pool Tiling

Not exactly the cheapest option, replacing the tiles with the latest generation of pool tiles that are smooth, preventing algae from forming. The average size pool would take 5-6 days; first, the old tiles are removed and the substrate is repaired for the new tiles. This is definitely a job for professional tilers, a team that only works pools.

Review Pool Safety

Wherever you are in Australia, you should have a pool safety compliance certificate, which is issued by an approved pool certifier and is valid for 3 years. Should the pool fail the inspection, you are issued with a non-compliance certificate and must do the remedial work within 90 days. If you are located in WA, check the state government website regarding pool safety and you will find a list of requirements; when you are happy that everything is ready, book a pool safety inspection online.

Check that the pool fencing is in good order and the gate has auto-latching; remove all garden furniture from the pool area (only cleaning equipment should be inside the enclosure).

Once the winter passes, your outdoor area will be ready for next summer, which is a great time for those with a pool in their yard.

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