The Best Decluttering Ideas to Help You Tidy Your Home

Do you feel restless seeing the unorganized mess around your home? If yes, I can feel you. The clutter build-up around the home can make anyone pull their hair, especially when that person is a neat freak. But no matter how much effort you put into making a house a tidy place, the clutter will pile up anyhow. 

Luckily, this blog post presents a comprehensive list of ideas that will assist you in clearing the mess with minimal effort. In addition, you will learn about the significance and benefits of having a clutter-free home. Let’s get started!

Helpful Tips to Decluttering Your Home

Before we get started, here’s some vital advice to make the procedure go more smoothly. Keep five baskets, bins, or cardboard boxes ready. Label each as “repair,” “set aside,” “charity,” “recycle,” and “waste.” Add each item you second guess to the bins. Trust me, doing so will save you a lot of trouble and confusion. Finally, let’s get to the decluttering suggestions.

Buy a Double Purpose Ottoman

An ottoman bed is more than just a place to sleep. It serves as a terrific storage solution. These are great for storing bulky things that take up a lot of room. Besides, you can also store seasonal belongings in it. Put pillowcases, duvets, bed sheets, duvet covers, nostalgic childhood stuff, winter wear, and other such stuff in the ottoman bed.

If you don’t have this multifunctional piece, then buy one now. If you reside in Franklin, you look for furniture stores in Franklin, TN, that sell what you need. You can visit the stores that interest you, explore the range available on the internet, and decide on the most suitable ones.

Use Magazine Racks

Pot lids cannot be stacked, which makes them difficult to store. However, a magazine rack can ensure they stay in place without taking up extra space. Simply fit a magazine rack within the cabinet doors to make the most of it.

Add Dividers

To organize your clothes and make them easily accessible, go to the hardware shop, get separators, and place them in your closet. Dividers will keep the folded garments neatly stacked.

Leverage Shower Hooks

Shower hooks are the perfect solution to manage your belts, scarves, ties, and other stuff. Buy some and secure them in a hanger. You can store belts in one and scarves in the other. Similarly, you may store handbags, caps, and other accessories.

Avoid Fuss With Velcro

You may be tired of cables trailing from air conditioners, heaters, mixers, and other appliances. Luckily, the velcro will assist you in eliminating the short cord trouble. Glue velcro to the instruments and secure the cord using it.

Collect the Toilet Paper Roll Covers

Here’s another cable hack. Gather the toilet paper roll covers and neatly place the cables inside them. There will be no more wiring mess or the time-consuming task of detangling them. You may add a stylish touch by decorating the toilet paper rolls.

Install a Cork Board

Install a corkboard in your bedroom and fill it with pins. Now you can use this board to hang fashion stuff, such as finger rings, necklaces, earrings, headbands, bracelets, and more.

Use Magazine Holders

Hairstyling possessions are hard to handle. You can use magazine holders to organize curling irons, hair straighteners elegantly, blow dryers, and other similar things. Aside from hair accessories, you may use a magazine holder to store plastic wraps, art supplies, cans, skincare products, and much more.

These are some clever storage ideas. However, it is best to assess everything regarding usage, needs, and expiry date. Sort them into five buckets based on the evaluation and do the needful. So your first objective should be to get rid of unnecessary objects before organizing what’s left.

Importance and Advantages of Decluttering

Getting rid of unnecessary things benefits you in a variety of ways. To begin with, you will have to do less cleaning. Hence, you won’t have to waste time cleaning useless stuff or things you have no personal connection with. Moreover, decluttering always results in an organized space, making it simpler to find something. Home will also seem more presentable. Third, you will begin to second-guess every purchase. Hence, it’s easy on the wallet.

Decluttering promotes minimalist living, which means spending less money on materialistic things. As a result, your savings will increase, and you can attain financial independence. Last but the important thing, it de-stresses you. No one likes the unpleasant sight of disorganized stuff at home. Hence, once you clear the clutter, you’ll feel instantly relieved. To say, decluttering helps one achieve psychological and financial independence.


In a nutshell, after decluttering, you will end up with only functional and emotional stuff. Moreover, clear space fosters a productive environment and gives peace of mind. Sure, the process is demanding, but the results and benefits are well worth the effort.

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