Top 4 Tips To Conserve Space When Fitting Out Your Home In Australia.

Some people may regard your home as being big or small but for you, it doesn’t matter because there still isn’t enough space for you and your other family members. If there is one thing that we don’t have enough of here in Australia, it is space. This is why we all need to do whatever we can to make the most of the space that we currently have and to fit out our homes with a lack of space in mind. There are certain spaces where regular furniture cannot fit so we turn to another option.

I am of course, talking about customisation and you can contact Simplife for a custom sofa so that you get the piece of furniture that you need in the right dimensions and in the right colour as well. This will allow your sofa to fit perfectly into the space that you have put aside for it and then everything else blends in beautifully. The following are some of the top tips when it comes to conserving space in your home property.

  • Choose a custom sofa – We talked about this briefly before but it is worth mentioning again. By having any kind of furniture piece customised, you get exactly what you want and you get a piece of furniture that is going to last you many years. The person that makes your piece of furniture has great skills and they can make you exactly what you want even down to the colour.
  • Create the illusion of space – Mirrors are an excellent addition to any room in your home and as well as being able to check how you are looking throughout the day, you can also make the room appear much bigger than it actually is. This won’t create more space per se, but it does give you and your guests a more spacious feel.
  • Invest in storage baskets – Baskets come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and they can add to the whole look of your furniture. You can store things within them so they are essential if you want to declutter the room and create a lot more space. Extra shelves are also a good idea as you can move everything that is on the floor up onto the shelf.
  • Use the space under the stairs – If you live in a 2-storey property then there is all that space under the stairs going to waste. Make proper use of it and maybe have it as a place where you can take phone calls. The attic space isn’t being used either and so that can be converted into one big bedroom or 2 smaller ones for the kids to sleep in.

These are only four suggestions to create more room inside your property and we haven’t even started to look at the possibilities on the exterior of the building. There is space everywhere if you just look for it and maybe try to think outside the box.

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