Surely There’s More to Double Glazing Than Just Two Pieces of Glass?

If you have a property in Nottingham that isn’t ancient then there’s every chance that it has double glazing, of some kind. Some products will be better than others, it all depends upon the quality of the parts that have been used to make them and the fitting. In fact, the life of your double-glazed units will largely depend upon how they were fitted and what care they have received since then.

Complete opposites

When it comes to composites, the market is flooded with all kinds of double-glazed products from the very best quality to well, the complete opposite. It’s one of those areas of construction that, you absolutely get what you pay for. If you buy cheap double glazing in Nottingham then you will receive a ‘cheap’ product and whilst they will have passed manufacturing tests, what happens if they aren’t of the greatest quality and, they aren’t fitted properly?

Double glazed eyes

A few side effects could be that doors and windows don’t sit flush, leaving gaps around seals which render the ‘seals’ pointless, considering their purpose and or handles/locks that don’t operate properly. There are a few really concerning consequences here which are, energy efficiency, water ingress and safety, all of which are compromised if the job isn’t done properly.

What about a break in?

Imagine having to call your insurance company to report a break in because the 5-lever mortice deadlock failed because your door wasn’t fitted or maintained properly. The outcome probably won’t swing in your favour, but, liability might.

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